Pastor's Welcome




Everyone needs a Church to call Home – They need a place to belong, a place to grow in their faith, and a place to serve. Finding the right church home is one of the most significant decisions you will make in life. We want to assist you in every way possible. This website is a first step to introduce you to the community of believers at Our Saviour’s. We sincerely hope this will become your church home, too, if it’s not already!


Welcome – This family of believers longs to share a story with you. The Bible’s story. A true story. God’s story that can remake and renew your life. Through this story, God invites you in to the action. In the death and resurrection of Jesus, God offers the eternal hope that not even death can overcome.


This is Christ's Church.

There is a place for you at Our Saviour’s – A place for you to grow and experience the love of God. A place you can call home, where you can find friends; support and encouragement. We are a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God's grace. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person-questions, complexities and all. We invite you to join us in an adventure of truly hopeful living where young and old serve each other and our community, for the life of the world.



May you experience God's peace and joy,



Pastor Scott Summers