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Mission Circle

Mission Circle met twice a month, the first Monday and the second Tuesday. July and August is our summer break.  We enjoy our work sessions in the modular building behind the church. Our purpose is to provide items for Lutheran World Relief for their various mission programs.  Again this year we have focused on providing quilts, baby care kits and school kits.  We shipped kits and quilts to Lutheran World Relief twice during 2018. Our quilts are displayed, draped over the pews and blessed during church service on Quilt Sunday.  The boxed kits are also blessed at this time.

In 2018,  Mission Circle provided 94 quilts, 240 baby care kits, and 35 school kits which were shipped to Lutheran World Relief for distribution. We also donated 5 quilts to needy families at Christmas time and gave 2 quilts to our high school graduating seniors.

We appreciate our helpers who have willingly hauled our shipments this year to Seattle LWR In-gathering. We also appreciate all the donations we receive, be it fabric, yarn or financial.  We couldn't do it all with out your generous donations and support.

We invite anyone interested in participating to join us. For questions or interest please contact the church office at (360)435-8921.

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